is a
visual designer
with a focus on brand identity design, art direction and UX design. She is currently a finishing off her last semester in Graphic Design BFA program at Rhode Island School of Design

Typojanchi Brand Identity Design 

Art Direction/ Branding/ Identity Design/ 2019

This is a fic­tional exhibition brand­ing project for Typojanchi, an international typography biennale that is held every two years in Seoul, South Korea. For the 7th Typojanchi, I have devised a theme of ‘sharing stories about oneself’ and created six different categories (cloud, memory, gap, spoon, wheel, room) for participants to select and work on. This exhibition is about how typography that involves personal narratives of participating artists and designers could unite one another through invisible connection presented in each unique art works.

Typojanchi Final Posters
Completed for Typography III under the guidance of James Goggin at the Rhode Island School of Design.

⬐ Process Documentation

⬐ Postcards Composition

⬐  Banner/ Interactive Screen 
The interactive screen is meant to be used as a blank canvas for people to play with. They can fill up the empty space provided in the screen by freely expressing the theme of ‘Me, Typography and I’ through the touch screen.

⬐ Wrist Bands

⬐ Typojanchi Website

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