Digestive Disturbances Untangling the Unsolved (2020)

Duration: 12 weeks

Exhibition Design/ Branding/ Identity Design

Completed for Fall 2020 Degree Project under the guidance of James Goggin at the Rhode Island School of Design.
Digestive Disturbance—Untangling the Unsolved

This is a project derived from my experience from the Quaker’s Question. It first describes six different people and their own unsolved stories. While interviewing them, I tried to create a secure environment by embracing, listening, and sharing my personal stories related to theirs. During the conversation, we shared our coldest and warmest memories, recent and former struggles, personal worries and future visionand dreams.

Degree Project Thesis Book / Exhibition Booklet

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Stage 01
The first stage of the exhibition begins with exploring the Unsolved stories of six different people. Conversational candid interviews were conducted, incorporating a new non-Christian version of the Quaker’s Questions. Stage 01 establishes a multi-sensory space composed of various interactive elements. The main wall of the space is filled with motion graphics about six people’s ‘unsolved’ stories. Animations are projected on the wall while transparent pendulum mobiles are displayed.

Stage 01 CD Cover Design

On top of the looping motion graphics, the sound of people's voices from the interviews are being played from the CD. Their voices are overlapped and create confusion. Even though the Compact Disc might be considered slightly outdated as a format, they remain valuable as a tangible form that represents sound, providing exhibition visitors with an accessible and tangible companion to the audio interviews which they can freely pick up and take a closer look at. The main visuals for the CD covers are developed based on the motion graphics of six different stories of the people.

Stage 02

In Stage 02, there are various aspects to focus on. One is the two juxtaposing posters. I Still Can't Figure Out is composed of various layers of textures and the pictures of capsule endoscopic processes. This poster depicts how the internal parts are tangled due to the fact that people have not been solving their own “digestive disturbances”. The other is Metacognition, which explains how and why the internal parts have been tangled. This illustrates the graph of the gut microbiota and some possible factors of digestive disturbances.

In stage 02, I intended to visually express the unknown cause of people's internal twists and how submerged their struggles have been through various overlapping layers. The processes of capsule endoscopy are mainly used to depict the untangling procedure of the unsolved. Due to the deliberate placement of different layers, it is challenging to decipher what's going on in the poster. Through these visuals and the emphasis on the concept of metacognition, I wanted to claim that with metacognition, we are able to examine and detect that we all share struggles in similar ways and styles.

Stage 03

The main concept of Stage 03 is the mindful contemplation about people's own Unsolved. 'Being mindful' is also being fully aware of who we are, where we are, and what we are thinking and doing, while not being overly reactive or overwhelmed by other surrounding factors. This is a calm practice that requires secure and peaceful settings. Mindful contemplation becomes successful when there are proper guides and instructions that lead people to contemplate and behave accordingly.

Final Degree Project Presentation on Zoom

I had the final degree project presentation on the 7th of December, 2020 and the guest critics were Nancy Skolos, Cem Eskinazi and Janet Fairbairn. Through this exhibition design project, I sincerely hoped that more people could be attentive towards their true selves and be able to share their own Unsolved and feel relieved. This way, I truly believe that self-diagnosis could be possible. Moreover, we can all learn how to be more comfortable with the vulnerability of sharing our own stories and empathize with each other. What I really want to say is that sharing is a great blessing and a gift. Don't be afraid to examine, explore and share your Unsolved!

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