Pistachio (2022)
Editorial Design
Duration: 9 weeks

Full e-book ver.︎︎︎ Pistachio

We all possess a desire to record and share our own thoughts and stories in various methods. Pistachio was created for those who feel keenly about the necessity of both exploring and expressing what’s inside our thought processes (core value, ultimate vision, belief), through literary and visually. Pistachio is an intimate group composed of 17 different people who voluntarily participated in this 9 weeks project of recording (writing and visual works) and small-group sharing sessions. We met twice a week through Zoom and spent quality time by sharing our insights and our writings for particular weeks. As the meeting progressed, we started to gather visual elements and organize writings to bind a book for the final outcome of Pistachio. This book is a compilation of our records, talks, prayers and hopes.

Incompetance and Buoyancy

His Plan


A Place to Breathe I.


A Place to Breathe II.

The Weight of Words

The Weight of Words




Hug and Embrace

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