BUBB (2020)

Duration: 4 weeks
Role: Visual Designer

UIUX Design

BUBB is a mobile application that enables users to book their personal outdoor spaces nearby their location especially for reading purposes. The idea of BUBB was derived from the ‘pandemic social bubble’, which effectively limited the risk of people being infected by the COVID-19 in outdoor settings. The BUBB allows people to create their personal spaces outside while maintaining their social distances during the pandemic era. When the users book the BUBB, they are free to enjoy their personal leisure time in the BUBB, reading and utilizing various features in the BUBB app.  

BUBB Prototype

Users can easily search for the location of the Bubb through Location Search and Booking System features on the app. After the users book specific location for the Bubb, they are allowed to utilize their own personal reading space for certain amount of time and to use the library features in the app.

Brainstorming/ Process Documentation

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