Suhyun Kim is a multidisciplinary graphic designer specializing in brand experience design, creative direction, exhibition design and editorial design. 

Suhyun holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.
She had previously worked at CATCH as a junior BX designer and Startling Brands as a graphic designer. During her time at RISD, she worked with Brown Entrepreneurship Program(Brown EP), Motivf, Double–D and more.

Suhyun grew up in Seoul, South Korea and lived in Jeju Island for 7 years during her middle and high school years. Then she moved to Providence, Rhode Island for college and now she is back in Seoul to work on various projects across a variety of media.

Full portfolio and CV are available upon request.

Email: skim50@alumni.risd.edu
Instagram: suhyunashley